How to Sell Old iPhone

Every time Apple announces the release of a new iPhone model, people rush to sell old iPhone models. However, there are those who will decide to sell their iPhones even when no release has been announced by Apple Inc. If you want to sell your old iPhone for any reason, you need to know how you can sell your device without feeling ripped off by its buyer. This is precisely why you need a guide on how to sell an old iPhone.

How do I prepare my old iPhone for sale?

You should make your iPhone ready for sale. This entails wiping out everything that you have stored in the device. Wiping out the stored data including photos, videos and other data ensures that the person who purchases it has no access to your sensitive data. This is not about the embarrassment that comes with allowing a stranger access to personal conversations as well as pictures; it is also about being a victim of identity theft or fraud.

When do I sell my old iPhone?

Deciding to sell your old iPhone just before a new model is released is likely to have serious implication. The best time for selling an old iPhone is weeks before a new model is launched. This means that timing is very important. Selling your iPhone before a new model is announced means that you will get the best deal on your existing model. However, the early sale will leave you without an iPhone for some weeks.

Sell old iPhone at the right place

There are several marketplaces where you can sell a used iPhone. These include online sites. It is important to note that you will get different amounts of money from the sale of your iPhone at different marketplaces. Also note that the risk associated with different marketplaces varies. It is therefore important that you select a marketplace that you are certain that it offers you more security while selling your device while allowing you to get the best deal on your old iPhone.

What you should do

If the release of the latest model of iPhone is about to be announced, it means that you should start thinking about selling your old iPhone so that you can purchase the latest model once it is released. It is important that you make a wise decision. This entails determining whether you have money to add to what you get from the sale of your old iPhone so that you can buy the new or latest model. Once you have made up your mind, start preparing your device for sale.

Get the best deal on your old iPhone

The price at which you sell your old iPhone will vary largely depending on the model and the condition of your iPhone. Where you sell your iPhone will also influence the price. Typically, you get more money from the private sale of the iPhone than from a service or shop. Therefore, make your decision on where to sell old iPhone very carefully.

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