Why sell your iPhone

If you want to sell your iPhone at the best price possible, you should unlock it first. Unlocking a used iPhone before selling it is a good idea because it enables you to attract more prospects. It also increases the resale value of the iPhone. This is simply because an unlocked iPhone can be used with different carriers. When an iPhone is unlocked it can also be used from any region. Nevertheless, you might be asking, how do I unlock an iPhone? Generally, there are steps that you should follow to unlock your used iPhone regardless of the carrier that you have been using with the device.

Find out whether you should unlock your used iPhone

Not every phone is locked when it is bought. For instance, there are iPhones that are bought through some carriers that are unlocked. This is the typical default condition of such iPhones. With some, you might be able to request that they unlock the phone. In most cases, the carriers honor the request. Therefore, it is important that you conduct some research first about your carrier to determine whether they offer unlocked or locked iPhones.

Unlock the iPhone

There are certain things that the carrier will require from you when unlocking your iPhone. For instance, you cannot unlock a phone that has been reported as stolen. You cannot also unlock a phone that was reported as lost. Additionally, you should not owe any money for the phone. With some carriers, you will have limited unlock times per year for each account. As such, it is important to unlock the phone when absolutely sure because exceeding these times it means you will sell your iPhone when locked. Once the carrier confirms that the phone does not have any of the identified issues, you will be given an unlock code.

Pay a third party service

If your iPhone fails to meet the unlocking requirements set by the carrier, you can hire a third party service for this task. This means that you will have to pay a certain fee. The process is also likely to take some days. However, it will have similar results. Essentially, it means that other people or those with carriers that differ from yours should be able to purchase your iPhone.

Hire the best iPhone unlocking service

There are many providers of iPhone unlocking services online. It is important that you choose an unlocking service that you have full confidence in. Look for a professional service that is offered by highly experienced technicians with a good reputation. This way, you will be certain that you are not risking by allowing a third party service provider to unlock your iPhone.

Simple but important

Unlocking an iPhone might seem simple. It might as well take a few minutes. However, it is very important in increasing the resale value of your iPhone. Therefore, before you sell your iPhone, make sure that it is unlocked as a way of increasing its resale value and increasing the number of interested prospects.

Do you want to sell your iPhone? Find out why you should ensure that it is unlocked before you sell it.

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